Grande Ideia Para Sua Sala

31 jul

(via Technabob de Technabob em 31/07/12)

People love their pets. Oftentimes, they even treat them better than themselves or their own children, pampering them with toys, treats, clothing and even furniture of their own. Take, for example the Cat Tunnel sofa.

cat tunnel sofa 1

This quirky and whimsical sofa by Korean designer Seungji Mun combines a sofa for people with a giant Habitrail for your feline friends (or very large hamsters.) By simply replacing the back and arms of the couch with a giant tube, kitty will have fun whether hanging out on your lap (and clawing out your eyeballs like mine likes to do) or racing around in the cat tunnel. While you can’t buy the Cat Tunnel sofa in any store yet, it looks like the design would be simple enough to copy from the image below:

cat tunnel sofa 2

It definitely doesn’t look like the most comfortable sofa for humans, but the Cat Tunnel sofa seems like a wonderful place for humans and cats to hang out together. The only thing better is if it were made up of that scratching post material. Or not.

[via PSFK]



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